YZ Throttle Stop Part Number

Anybody have this part number handy?


5jg 14591 00 00

It is $10.76 through Yamaha. On the 2001 YZ426 carburetor schematic it's number 57.

Or for those of us who like to hang on to our money you can go to the hardware store and get a 1" 5mm allen-head screw and cut it to length. Total cost: $0.50 at most. No need to blow $10-15 at a dealer. If this level of work is over anyones head they shouldn't be riding dirt bikes.


Not that this is a tough mod to do but when you weigh your time against $10, there is a trade-off. I've built computers, houses, fixed cars, motorcycles, etc. But I make $10 in 15 minutes at my job. With 2 babies, my time is much more important than the cost of a quick swap and a trip to a hardware store when the dealer is a couple blocks away.

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