New Tank

Just got my new 3.9 gallon Clark Tank delivered to me today at work, should have the Off road exhaust and the DJ kit any day, going riding on Sunday so I guess the tranformation will have to wait till next week......

Yup my bikes in peices so my clarke tank is sitting here on the floor.

You'll find compared to the metal tank its softer on your knees! not to mention it dosn't dent :D

If you can fill that tank, go riding trails and actually empty it.... Well, it would have been a good day of riding :)

When I'm riding trails, etc where I'm close to my truck or a gas pump, I don't fill the tank above 2/3. This keeps it from feeling top-heavy and actually lowers the center of gravity since it holds fuel a little lower.

Best mod i did to my bike, it felt less fragile after i put the fancy metal tank away.

The bike did feel better, i thought it felt lighter but wondered how i could notice such a little weight difference. I never thought of it holding the fuel lower, that could be it.

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