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URGENT! Need a fuel screw SPRING ASAP> 100 mile event on Sunday!!

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MY Kouba was spinning freely w/ the bike idling (plus I couldn't get my bike to idle AND backfiring was SEVERE >> (Air sucking in through the fuel screw opening?)

I pulled the carb and nothing. I was hoping I possibly installed the spring wrong...I DO have the washer and o ring which means I never even put the spring back in. HOW DUMB! After all those 800 Kouba's I sent out to everybody, You'da thunk I wouldn't forget that! :):D

I am using a pen spring TEMPORARILY. It is weak, but the diameter is PERFECT...Go figure!

If one of you guys wants to pull your fuel screw and give me an overall length, I would appreciate it.

As I recall, this spring is a pretty stout little bastud (New England pronunciation of basturd! :D )

Thanks Guy!


[ September 06, 2002, 01:06 PM: Message edited by: NH Kevin ]

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Kevin, if you have ANYTHING with a carb that won't be needed till after your race, see if it might have a similar screw/spring. Lawnmower,wife's car, other bike, etc. You probably already did this. Ask the local dealer if you can "borrow" one from a bike until a new one arrives. Beg, borrow, cannabilize!!! Good Luck!!

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:D WOW!!! :D

Check out my old member #!!!

I did ride the 100 mile Turkey Run here in NH & VT. I made it 70 miles before my steering felt SUPER SLUGGISH!!

I kept thinking:

Man...I really have to lube these steering bearings; Did all the grease run out or something? Oohhh...watch out for that rock!
>>> [for those of you that have never ridden in the "Granite State", there is a reason it is called that >> We have at least a Googleplex Factoral (+ 19) rocks in this state >> Most of them are on the MC trails, and MY yard!!]

The sluggish steering was from my front flat tire. I thought I was a good enough rider so I'd be immune to flats :D . I called it a day after those 70 miles. I am happy to say Ron S., out of CT who jumped ship on us >> to a K-Toomer 520, escorted me back to the pit area ~ 15 miles on pavement. Ron, BTW, is ELATED w/ his KTM! :D

Back to my original posting

The pen spring DID NOT work at all. The leak by the o-ring was tantamount. My bike back fired more severely than ever. I am now disassembling my carb to check the amount of dirt... :D

I am trying to locate a spring to save myself the $30.00 from my local dealer. The $30 includes spring, o-ring, washer, and the f-ing fuel screw. I use a Kouba T-Handle.

I have contacted Carb Parts Warehouse in OH, and will have to call SUDCO as well. SUDCO,I know, charges ~$8.00 for shipping regardless if you purchase one main jet or 100. :)

I also have contacted Norm Kouba to see if maybe he may have one...???

If there any ideas's please share them.

If any of you guys in CA or OH live near either of these places, maybe you could lend a fellow TT'er a hand, bring your fuel screw SPRING in, and see if they can match it up AND give it to me for less than $30.00...???

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