flywheel weight

What flywheel weight would be recommended for outdoor motocross. I don't know much about them, please give me some feedback.

The Stock YZ450F flywheel weights 16.5 oz. The stock CRF450 flywheel weights 22 oz. The Stock WR450F flywheel weights 41.75 oz.

I put a 16 oz on mine (total 32.5 oz) and most CRF guys run a trailtech replacement which is +9oz or 31oz. My YZF still revs pretty good and stalls much harder.

I don't MX, but this would be my guess:

Pro MX: 4oz (That's what Dr. D runs)

Human MXers: 6-8oz (Depending on skill level, and how much you stall)

CC: 10-13oz (Ty Davis Runs 10oz so I hear)

Trails: 16oz

Enduro: You'll want more, not made yet (Check with trailtech in about 3 weeks.)

Good luck,

BTW: My thinking was get the biggest and shave it down (send back), but the 16oz stealy has set screws so I'm not sure that is possible. On previous bikes I knew guys that did, that's why I went with the biggest. Turns out that it feels much less than the 11oz on my KX250 for comparisons.

Most guys that are doing supercross and no trail riding are going 4 or 6 ounce. 4oz is recomended for hard supercrossing, and 6oz recomended for the average person.

Either Dr. D's or Stealthy are good ones to pick up.

I said, I said, Son......... Do a Search Boy, Do a Search.. :)

on TT thats is, you'll find the answer.

BTW, 6oz is your answer, Boy

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