not quite sure?

If I want to tell everyone what is done to my bike or a

slogan or whatever under my user name like some of the guys

do...where do I type this info?


Go to "My Home", Then edit "Personal information". Enter that stuff in the box that says "Signature"

That was too easy......Thanks :)


Where in N. CA you located? I was thinking about getting the RG3's as well. How do you like them?

I'm in San Jose.


Im in Martinez, I got the RG3 top clamp because I liked the

way it had two mounts per side. None of the other guys had

anything like them....Kinda pricey, but hell you only go around once....if you know what I mean. Go to Berkeley

Yamaha and tell Scott or Carl BC sent you...

BC :)

BC- how do you like the RG3's? How do they feel compared to a solid mounted bar? I've thought about trying to save some bucks for a set of RG3's and TAG T2's, but I don't know if I want to go to rubber mounts or not. :)

After about three hours of hard riding Im usually pretty

leg and arm wury ( I guess thats how you spell that)

After getting the rubber mount t-clamp my arms don't get as tired....Maybe Its because after spending 200.bucks I

want to think that way.....But really I think there trick.

And Im gettin old so I need all the help I can get!

BC3 :)

I put rubber mounted BRP's on my KX and it helped a lot. They can twist though, that's why I wanted the RG3's.

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