Got my Thunder Alley Today.....

Got my new Thunder Alley pipe today for my YZ450. Ceramic coating looks really nice. I also got the race core and the new Quiet spark arrestor core. Sound test this weekend.



Looks pretty Cool!! How does it fit? And how much do they

cost? Like your Black rims.

BC3 :)

Very Nice....I get mine in about four more weeks...

looks like bobs pipes are looking better. i remebr seing the firts one he made for a 250f thinking" man that is ugly" new ones look much better.



Nice looking pipe! For some reason I thought you would have the pipe coated in black ceramic. I can't wait to hear your ride report.


I like the new endcap looks good.You need tony to come over and do a db test at home.If it is quiet i may need to get one. :)

What ya gonna do with the stocker?

You need tony to come over and do a db test at home

The only problem with Tony's meter is he dont have an RPM meter, and I dont think he set it up on the "A" scale yet.

I just got done installing it, fits like a glove and looks nice. Quiet?? I dont know about that. I just started it up and it sounds awsome! But 96db im not too sure about that. Stab the throttle and it's BRAAAAAPPPP!!! but when I hold it steady it seems somewhat quieter than stock. I guess we will see this weekend.

I didnt know there was an option to have it coated black, Im not sure I would have even done that, It blends well with the headder this way.

Mine is coated black with an aluminum colored end. Ran it at Daytona on the shorttrack...worked awsome. 158 mainjet is where it made the most HP on the dyno with a K&N filter in the modified airbox. Headwork with stock cams.

Hi Heckler,

I am very interested if you can reach 96 db rating for off road riding with the new rules in place. I like the Thunder Alley reviews I have seen on this YZ forum. Thanks for letting us know how your sound test goes.

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