Changing Jets KLX 300

Is it possible to change the jets on the KLX without removing the carburator from the bike. I looked breifly at it and it looks like removing the carburator is a total pain. I was hoping to simply remove the bowl; however the cross point head on 1 of the 4 screw that fasten the bowl in place is in bad shape and I can't seem to be able to apply enough pressure in the tight quarters to break it loose.

If I have to remove the carburator, Is there any special trick, or what order of parts removal is the best way.

I am planning on putting in a 130 main jet.

Current mods. (removed airbox lid, removed butt plug on exhaust, Installed Stroker head pipe.)

Any help is appreciated.


I gave up on sparkplug changes and carb work without removing the tank, seat and plastic. Its easier for me to remove the hose clamps on both sides of the carb for removal and installation. The carb twists out of the confined space easier. I've been pulling the carb out of the left side as you sit on the bike. When you replace the carb, make sure the rubber boots are free of oil. When slippery the clamp will deform the rubber and slide around. It's worse on the air boot side. I tighten the clamp till it feels like it has some tension, then I rock the carb slightly, and look for the boot to twist with the carb. I've never attempted carb work without carb removal. Some of the other guys might be able to help out.

I pull the tank/seat/shrouds too. It's just easier.

Thanks for the advise. I finally decided to pull everything off to get the carb out. It took all of 20 minuets. Should have done this the first time. I ended up exchanging the stock main jet from the 128 to a 130. I could'nt give it a good tryout though because of rain. The bike seems to run pretty much the same from Idle up to around 4000 rpm.

I'd be suprised if you notice much performance difference with that small of a change. I run a 135 in mine with the mods listed below.

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