Race Tech Gold Valves

I know suspension on the WR is a big topic here, but I couldn't find anything on the Gold Valve kits that Race Tech offers. Has anyone tried them? I have the '05 450 with stiffer springs front and rear, but have done nothing else and looking for a little more without spending a lot of money for revalving. I'm 6'3" and 215lbs and do alot of GP's in So. Ca. I'm not a big jumper, but I do alright for a 47 yr. old that has to work on Monday. Also, any experience with this kit offered by Smart Performance that I read on another thread?

Thanks for any help/suggestions!

I like the Race Tech gold valves. I put them on my 07 WR450 forks a few weeks ago and it was a major improvement. They are easy to install if you have any experience with suspension and they give you setup suggestions on their web site. I only have one ride on them but the first thing I noticed was how bad the shock feels now. The kit for the rear is on the way.:crazy:

I used moto-pro suspension for my valves. The owner John will talk to you personally and get all the info. he needs from you and in order to help you out with your setup. I bought the ultramax valve kits for my 426 front and rear, came with excellent instructions and setup sheet and I got several tips when I talked to John. I have never tried race tech but I would definitely recomend the motopro valves, they work great making the bike stick to the ground with traction feels like a whole new bike:ride: . Customer service couldn't have been better! Check out www.Moto-Pro.com

I have a set of Race-Tech gold valves off of an 05 WR 450. PM me if you are interested. I will give you a great deal.

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