TT Helping Hands - North to South

I've cut and paste my reply to one of the posts from off2wildblue below as I felt the concept would be better aired as a stand alone post for your comments/investigation. Let me know what you think.

Original Post:

As an interesting side note, I tried hard to find the needle as a seperate item to no end, as I went with Burneds advice on the 3X3 mod using the stock jets and his fuel screw adjustments. Cost me $55 for the kit, which I thought was a bit steep for the needle and spring as the only bits I used, but when I compared it to the price at bajadesigns I realized what a great deal I got. Bajadesigns runs their DJ kits around $50-60. So what you say.....check my location. I paid $55 CDN for the kit from Parts Canada through my dealer, and it included stage 1 and 2 parts. Given an exchange rate of about $1.47 Cdn to a US buck, I got the kit for about $28 US Perhaps that post regarding the TT helping hands program could have some benefit working North to South as well. Some isolated pieces of kit up here cost the same in Canadian bucks as they do in US $, the DJ kit is an example. That means for our US DRZ brethern, some things are literally half price !! As a suggestion, perhaps check out a Cdn online site (and they're arent many of them) such as (mainly an ATV dealer), check out the Cdn price compared to what you'd be paying in the States, and maybe we can run this x-border deal in reverse to benefit some of you in the sunny south. I'd be willing to help in this regard wherever I could, and I'm sure my fellow canucks would as well. I keep losing E-bay bids for the flip side of this deal, as $40 US may not seem like much of a bid, but thats almost $80 Cdn, so it quickly loses its appeal as a good deal. $60 US may be a bit steep to pay for a kit that you use just the needle and spring, but $30 US ($60 Cdn) may be more palatable. Sniff around some Cdn sites, check out what US customs would charge etc and if I can help, let me know.

Makes sense. They are able to sell their bikes for less so parts are likely less as well. Probably would be worth it for high $ items. Doesn't Canada have a fairly steep VAT, though?

Prices for some manufacturers are based on what the market will pay.

KTM's are really expensive in Canada, basically the same price as if you bought one in the US. So I don't think its due to any tax.

It's the same with cars, price a similar Dodge minivan, Ford T-Bird, Volkswagon Beetle and you will probably see a big difference in price once you convert the price into a common currency.

Here is the web site for a Canadian used car magazine. If your curious, you can have a look

(What else is there to do on a Friday afternoon at work) :)

What else is there to do on a Friday afternoon at work

So true

Please kil me, I am stuck here for 2 more hours!!!

There should be no problem with customs on this. US and Canada have the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). I just purchased some parts from Canada, and it cost me $11 to ship it. No diff than from Calif. I called some of my fellow fed agents at customs, and they said NAFTA

negates any customs issues. Let's make sure, I vote BURNED buys something first! :) Andrew

I bought a Used gas tank and spedo cable from a guy on e-bay that was from the great white north. He just shipped the stuff through either fedex or UPS and on the lable he said it was "Old Used Motorcycle Parts" No customs charges. Just shipping.. It was a bit lighter than a set of wheels though.

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