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I started out 3 years ago with my first bike riding alone after it sat in my garage for 2 Mo. because I could not get together with any of my friends that ride. Now, through racing and joining a club, I often ride with other people and I am always seeking group riding oportunities, but I would not give up riding alone. Alone there is no dust, I can set my own pace, I don't have to stop every 7 minutes to rest, smoke, chat, regroup. On a good day I get in a rythum with the bike and the terrain and the next thing I know it is getting dark and I have to figure the fastest way back to the truck, but I have found new trails, seen new vistas, and I was going just fast enough to require all of my attention with no thoughts of work, bills, the economy or whatever.

Just as a side note, this also effected my selection of my WR. My first bike was an XR400 and it never missed beat, let alone left me stranded in the dessert. I really wanted a Cannondale E bike, have one set as the backgound of my computer, but even though they seem to be working out the bugs, I just didn't feel I could put myself 20 miles from the closest human on one on a regular basis.


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