YZ 400 gearing

Hi all. My first post. I'm a 59 year old with a YZ250 and a YZ400F. I've been working on my 400 to perform better on the trails (Pozo-La Panza in California). I just added a 10 oz. flywheel weight. It has a 51T rear sprocket and 14T front. I'd like 2nd to be just a hair lower. should I take a tooth off the front or???

YZ400: white bros. pipe, LE susp. mods, 14/51 gearing, 10 oz. flywheel weight, renthal ch & sprockets, bar, Acerbis hand guards.

I'm strictly a careful rider - nothing too tough, but quite a few hills and some single track.

Try a 13 tooth in the front it's cheaper than buying a new chain and a larger rear sprocket. It may be too low but you will only be out 20 bucks tops.

Thanks, Bamster, that's what I'll do!

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