Who is the best Drz Dealer in San Diego???

Hello everyone, I have been visiting the web site for a while now. I am looking into buying a DRZ 400 with my tax return. :D :D :D So I am pretty excited right now :):D :D. Anyway, anybody that has had just bought a new bike please let me know how you were treated. I think that I have made my mind up for the S instead of the E, because it is so hard to get a plate here in cal on the E. Any advice is greatly appericiated. Thanks... Oh yeah one more thing... What is a good fair price???

ALBA had the best deals when I was buying my S model, I didnt buy from them because of the distance, but I think they were selling them for $4699. Alba is somewhere in the SD area.

I bought mine here locally at Imperial Valley Cycle Center. They do a bit of San Diego business can't hurt to check thier price...120 Miles east

My friend bought a 03Z400S at Berts Mega Mall in Covina/L.A. county for $5400.00 OTD only 200mile North? :)

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