Mufflers and Exhaust systems

I am looking to get opinions and experience on a muffler or entire exhaust system for the 2003 450F. Anyone try a new setup that they are happy with? I personaly like ProCircut products but have no expereince with their 4-stroke products

I put a Qseries muffler--love it ,runs great!! FMF

I run a DSP titanium pipe on my 426, it gave me more power through out, mostly mid, it's also much lighter than any other pipe on the market, it's also more expensive about $800.00 I have the FMF powercore on my CRF, it performs about the same as the DSP but is not as light, but is much cheaper.

WR450f RDR,

I just put the GYT-R Exhaust baffle in my WR450 and let it go at that. It may be heavy but it's quiet. If you plan on riding any Motorcycle Riders Association events it had better be quiet. Loud bikes give us a bad name. See you on the hill.


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