easy starting procedure 450's

i just found an easy way for me to start my wr.i used to have to kick it like 10 times for it too start. now i crack the throttle like 10 times hit the e-button 2 times(won't start with button cold) pull the choke out than give her 1 kick. it starts first kick every time now.

Thats funny. I think my starting procedure is easier. When cold, pull choke, hit button, one second later its running. :)

I always use the kicker when it's cold. A couple of full twists of the throttle to prime it, then choke it and go. It's as easy to start as my 02 WR426 was only without the "starting procedure." :):D

msgbean, you've got your jetting right and have a fully charged batter.

Thumper, you crack it 10 times? ouch!


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