Flywheel weight for 450SX

Anybody know of company that makes a heavier flywheel for a 03 450SX? Could use some extra weight to tame the motor alittle.


Hey Wes,As far as I know not at this time.I've talked with Chuck Steahly a couple times in the past month and nothing yet.I'm sure its due to the backwards mounting of the pickup and stator.On my 02 450sx I'm about ready to just go by an exc ignition...Weren't the 03 sx's supposed to come with some sort of adjustable flywheel weight?? :)

I read that in DirtRider. They dont come with the adjustable flywheel?

I've heard the adj weight thing before and of course the books that come with the bike are the same as my EX/C so that's no help but, I keep thinking (there I go again) that maybe some of the estart stuff might be heavy enough to make a difference, like the overrun clutch hub that bolts to the primary gear of a estart bike. Anybody know how much that weighs?

Well Wes I see that your kinda styngy (?) owning two 03's now aren't ya..LOL!!You could make my life alot easier and swap your exc ign. with your sx ign. and see what happens.. Or at least the flywheels...Thats probably going to be the cheapest route for me..I think I can get a exc ign.for about $180.. :)

If you're gonna swap ignitions, you'll need to swap the whole lot over. The ignition cover, stator and flywheel must be fitted as a unit. You also have to relocate the sender unit to the 2 extra holes that are outboard of where it's currently mounted and remove the metal spacers underneath it that put the pickup next to the right place on the flywheel.

The EXC ignition is not heavy enough. I would like about 10oz myself on my 525 EXC



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