FMF Ti 4- 17"

The one on my Suzuki was almost as LOUD as 14 inchers I've heard. I'm not sure the extra $100 will be worth it to you.

I made up a 1" dia. stinger (insert) that duplicates the stock DRZ400 tip. Works great and should have the same effect on a 14 inch. You can't see the tip, but the FMF Ti system can be seen here:;f=3;t=009569

I know it's not blue, but follow the link inside to my website and click on the pix showing the cannister - you'll get a decent look at the system. Nice quality and very light (-5.5 lbs on mine).

I'm thinking of getting the Ti4 17" ama Legal Exhaust. Any feedback on the noise levels and performance of this pipe?

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