Mysely and a buddy have a 400f and a 426f and need help adjusting our valves willing to drive a few hours and buy the pizza and beverage of your choice.I am pretty mechanically inclined but after reading the manual I am a little nervous about doing it myself. I know some of you guys can do it like it is nothing so I am calling out for help

Bosunmate, Wish I could help. You have guys in your backyard, probably as close as Sacramento. If nothing else you will learn to check those valves. Tricky, but not tough if you have a metric feeler gauge or combo type, torque wrench and the basic metrics. I'm sure you have the 'bucket/shim' valve adjustment. In that case its easy enough to swap out shims for a fee at the dealer collecting the most in a plastic partition box. They have some basic standardized sizes that fit a lot of bikes. It would also help to have calipers or a micrometer to measure what you have. It will tell you what size you need.


You might PM these guys. Martinez & San Jose.

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