03S Suspension Setup

Just spent an hour or so going through the archives, seems to be a wide array of opinions on this one.

I'm looking to save a few hours of messing around once the snow melts and would like to setup the front and rear boingers for my weight at the best starting point I can.

I weigh 200lbs, bike is an 03 DRZ-S, with the mods listed below, and will ride mostly aggressive trail riding, with some (10%) on road usage (to and from type trips). I've currently got sag set a 3.75inches. Based on that, whats your folks recommendations on the following to setup a good start point:

Front Compression Damping - # clicks out? (stock is 13)

Front Rebound Damping - # clicks out? (stock is 16)

Rear High Speed Compression damping - # clicks out? (stock is 1.25)

Rear Low Speed Compression damping - # clicks out? (stock is 10)

Rear Rebound - # clicks out? (stock is 13)

I know as a DP bike it will be setup soft, so I'll need to stiffen it up best I can, and right now changing springs arent an option. So given my weight and riding, where should I start :)?


Go to the race tech site and enter your weight etc and they will give you an estimate to start from. They also list all the stuff you can buy to stick in them but the estimates are a good starting point even with the stock springs and valves

Outstanding, thats exactly what I was looking for, thanks for the help.

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