CRF 450 X green sticker

Hello ,Im from the blue side but realize what a great bike honda makes ,does anyone know if : when the CRF 250 and 450 X are comming out and are they both going to be green sticker ,I hear only 250? Thanks for any :) info

the word i heard from my local honda dealer is the 250x will be green stickered. i've also heard from other people / sources but who knows where that comes from. as for the 450x the new magazines show a picture of a 450x (basically a 450r with lights) but after reading it, they make it sounds like its up in the air that it will even hit the market. my bets are "yes" and if it does it too will be green stickered.

i personally have passed on a wr250f because of the green sticker issue so the line forms here for a 250x <G>.


Yes thats about what I have heard about the 250 being a green no word on 450 anyone? If they were smart they would take away most of WR's sales esp if it were green!!! I am now wishen i would have waited also!

as of now both bikes are RED sticker, honda is fighting CARB (california air recorces board) to change them to green sticker, good luck

Damn Wingnutt!! You're such a plethora of information this morning. I agree though, I'm almost sure that both bikes will be red stickerd like the 03 wr's......cummunist bastages!!!!!!

"Oh Can-a-da, my blah blah blah".... Thank god i bought a Canadian one, green sticker guaranteed!

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