What rear shock do I have (02YZ426F)


Could someone help me out with identifying my rear-shock absorber. The bike is an 02 YZ 426F and I got with it a WR400 service manual, which is more/less the same. It showed for the rear-shock absorber to have both a low- and high- compression adjuster. I've thought it was a WR shock, and my is YZ. But now I've checked in the YZ manual, and it shows the same. My rear shock looks the same (as in manual) but doesn't have the outer high compression adjuster.

Will try to post pics asap if that helps.


There is not a hexagonal ring around the compression adjuster on the top of the shock?

The 1999 YZ400 had a shock that had a low speed only compression adjuster. The fitting with two flats instead of 6 houses the high speed piston, as with the later shock. According to my info, your bike should have had a high speed adjuster as well.

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