Squirt Duration on the YZ450??

So whats up with the squirt duration on the '03 YZ450. My squirt is 5 seconds long at a full twist. On the YZ426, the "BK Mod" fixed that problem. The mod took the spray down to 3/4 of a second. Should the spray on the new 450 be 5 seconds long?? The slide timing has already been adjusted, about a half a turn clockwise. I'm not getting any bog on the bottom but I'm still having a problem starting the damn thing. Check out my next post on "Still having problems starting the 450".

Im curious about that to ,After reading about the BK mod every1 thats done I says its great but have heard nothing about the 450's.

Anyone had there bike cut out after a back off then a fist full of throtle , my getting seems fine and its done it about 4 times the last it dislocated my shoulder AC joint

Does anyone know?? 5 second squirt is a lot of fuel!!

I havent read about any problems on the 450. Maybe they put a smaller flow in the acc pump. You can adjust your way out of the problems of the original set up if you are patient.

Squirt should be around 1 second. Some TT members have run it as little as a 1/2 second.

I'm fiddling with Leak Jets,I only had one size bigger.

Today I ordered all of um (bigger and smaller) :)

I just like to tinker.

Yeh, That's what my squirt was on my old 426, 3/4 second. How can you adjust that on the YZ450?? That's what the BK-Mod did on the 426's carb. The 450 carb is differant. Does anyone know??

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