Anyone have a really great set up for 250 TTR?

Anyone have a really great set up for 250 TTR? I've had mine for about two years and have yet to make any real changes/ mods to it. Mostly because it's very hard to find aftermarket performance parts for the thing. I want power, power, power. I know this can be done and I'm sure alot of you who are out there have some really good tips/ tricks for hooking up this bike. So with that being said, do me the favor of sharing your knowledge of "what to do" and "where to get it" and I shall be forever greatful as will be my bike :)

Oh, and anyone know where to get after market tank grafics for the 250, stroker had 'em but it appears they're changing ownership or something.

-Thanx again and uh, RIDE ON!

Use the search function to find out what some of the mods are, but pulling the snorkel is one, supertrapp makes a pipe for it, throttle stop(ask holma). You can get a big bore kit.

Good luck in trying to find performance parts for the TTR250. As you had indicated Stroker is no longer owned by Larry R. Sold his buisness late last year and now sell KTM's in So Cal.

I still own a 99 TTR250 with most of the Stroker goodies. Installed their graphics/seat cover, breather kit, 33mm Mikuni carb and Stroker header/pipe combo. Also increased air flow by cutting out top side of the air box and installed an UNI air filter. Also stiffened up the suspension by adjusting the forks and rear spring. Recently purchased the new 03 YZ250F to replace the TTR. TTR is still a better tight trail bike when compaired to the YZF but thats where it ends. Good luck on your TTR250 search, I spend years trying and didn't find much out there.


hey :)

thumper racing's 325 kit ,plus the carb.

i think crd also makes a pipe.

strokers head mechanic, Jerry Leighton, left and

now ownes fourstrokeworks. he is still getting it going,

but can be found at

also got a phone# if you need it.


There are several things you can do. I have an aftermarket pipe, filter, and modified the throttle stop. You can get a 280 or 325 kit for it as well.

Try yamaha's gytr parts last I knew they had a high compression piston that made the bike alot more fun.Add that to the other mods mentioned.

There's a ton of stuff out there, you just have to look. I have a 2000 ttr250 with a GYT-R piston, moose skid plate & hand guards, works connection frame gaurds, baja designs gripper seat cover, renthal bars, complete yoshi exhaust system. I'm working on an inverted fork swap with an RG-3 tripple clamp and showa forks. And if my wife dosn't pull the plug on my fun I'm going to have webcam do my top end work! :)

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