Revloc long term report

It was a tough decision to purchase a Revloc because of the high price. I knew there would be more choices eventually, bUt I would have to wait another season, so I spent the big bucks early in 2002, and have no regrets. I had the best riding year of my life and rode 1000 miles of Michigans finest single track, and 400 miles in the Colorado mountains. From this point on I will only own four strokes with auto clutches.

Owning a Revloc was not without problems though. Their early production units had some tolerance problems with the center needle bearings. They machine their billet basket with an internal spline to re-use your gear/bearing race. Honda presses in the gear, then bores it to the correct diameter. Revloc re-uses this gear and hopes it still has the correct bearing fit when pressed into their basket. Unfortunately mine was slightly oval, tapered and generally too small after they pressed it in. The inner bearing sleeve is supposed to slide right in, but mine couldn't be pressed in with both thumbs. I'm a machinist, and they seemed very knowledgable, helpful, and willing to work with me to resolve it. I was promised a new basket from their next production run, but it took a very long time to get. I wanted to ride while I waited, so I pressed out the tight gear, removed a small burr that caused it to be oval, and pressed it in and out several times from both sides to "wear out" the press fit until the bearing had the same running clearance as stock. The special screws they sent had heads that were too large and rubbed the inside of my clutch cover, and the spotfaced areas for these screws were not concentric with the holes. Like I said, I am a machinist, so I turned down the screws (they sent new ones later), and re-machined the pressure plate so all screws would go in without binding, and not rub the case.

Life was good again for a while. The replacement finally came, after another long wait and I suspect they were shipping customer units while I waited because they knew I had mine patched up enough to use. This replacement unit was supposed to be hand picked and checked for bore diameter. I couldn't believe it but the gear was now pressed in crooked with a .008 gap under one side of the gear while the other side was flush. Besides causing the basket to wobble, the whole clutch locked up tight when the center nut was tightened! Dave at Revloc seemed much less patient with me now, but still agreed to send me another one. After another long wait, and the third one is good enough to use, but still has a measurable taper in the bearing bore that causes the bearing to be slightly tight when cold. I warmed it up with a heat gun, and it freed up immediately, so I reasoned it would be fine, and after several inspections seems to be working fine. It was late in the season now, so the latest part had the 03 rubber dampers which was nice.

The good news is that the clutch is well engineered from the best materials despite the quality control problems, and they did come through eventually and work out the problems. It works as advertised, and seems much more durable than the stock clutch with minimal plate wear after 1400 miles. I hope it fits the 04 crf's so I can keep it for a long time.

The bad news is that I had to wait 7 months to finally get a good clutch, and they even charged me $20 for shipping on one of the replacement parts. Dave stubbornly refused to cover the shipping on the second warranty part, even though the first one was free? I pushed the issue pretty hard, and just can't believe they would lose a good customer over $20! Other people would have been screaming on TT the whole time, but I patiently waited until it was fixed, and even fixed the mis-machined pressure plate myself. I was still able to ride during this time because I was willing and able to doctor up the old parts to work, I did ruin one clutch cover because of the oversize screw heads rubbing, but I chalk that up to my not wanting to wait a whole season for good parts. I saved all correspondence, e-mails, and even taped the phone calls in case it turned into a fight, but things ended OK.

I'm only posting feedback now because many people are discovering auto clutches, and there are two other ones on the market for less than half the price. I think Revloc will set the standard ( assuming you get a good one) for durability and performance, but the price always offended me. I'll keep this one as long as I can, but will try an EFM or Z-Start in my next bike. They are both getting good reviews, and I know Al Youngwerth (Z-Start) to be a very sharp guy who offers unbeatable product support. I half expected Revloc to offer me a discount on my next clutch or some other "thank you" for being so patient, but at least they finally fixed it. I predict their market share will be decreasing unless they get competitive on pricing and especially customer relations.

Woodsryder would you buy another revloc or go elsewhere.I think with the crappie service I have to look the competion long and hard :)

Your report sounds honest amd fair. I think these companies freak on shipping. That is money directly off of the bottom line vs something that is hidden in the labor column.

I am not in the motorcycle business, but I like to ship stuff to my customers next day air if the screwup is my fault. I get a lot of calls from surprised folks this way.

It is abotu 4 times as much, but you win them over for life. Most call back and say.."Wow, you did'nt need to do that...."

I've talked to the owner and designer of the EFM clutch outfit----Gerry. Very cool guy who isn't afraid to drop everything and give you his undivided attention.

I'm sure I can do the samething with Al at Z-start.

As for Revloc the only person I was able to talk to was a sales rep who had a LARGE chip on his shoulder----and didn't really know that much about the product. However he was able to sling some serious crap in the direction of EFM. Very unprofessional. RR.

However he was able to sling some serious crap in the direction of EFM. Very unprofessional.

One sure way to get me to NOT use your product is to BASH the competion!YES! That is VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!

Being a little defensive of your product is OK. It just means you believe in it. When I mentioned that other people were working on clutches, it struck a nerve and Dave said the owner had already gone to visit someone about infringement. He said they will aggressively persue any one who copies them. I can't say I disagree with this, patents are very expensive. However, patents are also very focused on protecting the features unique to your patent only.

No one owns the concept of Auto clutches, they have been around since time began, on scooters, mopeds and mini-bikes. There are many ways to accomplish the same goal. Apparently EFM and Z-start figured out two other ways?

Even though I said more positive than negative about Revloc, I'm still expecting a call or flaming e-mail. If so, I'll tape the call, or post the e-mail on TT. If they send me $20, I'll post that too. I won't get another Revloc mostly because they are out of touch with the price now, but also because they owe me $20

What were they thinking, to blow me off for that amount of money after I just spent $1000? Dave explained to me how UPS got that money, and they won't give it back. No amount of twisted logic can explain it,.. it all comes down to stubborness. At the time, they had quite a backlog of orders, so I guess they won't miss my next one.

You have to talk to Gary Buzzelli at EFM to appreciate good service and technical knowledge. Gary is one of the most knowledgeable guys in the bike business and a real pleasure to deal with. I sent him my CRF clutch that I had purchased on TT used, and he rebuilt the entire unit and updated my basket and clutch to his newest specs, then shipped it back to me pronto. He even purchased another CRF part for me while he was in Florida (his son Chris is leading the 250B class in the GNCC)and then shipped the whole package to me. He owns a machine shop that makes several sweet parts for bikes, not to mention a WRC-style under the steering wheel shifter for 125 shifter karts. Once you've spoken to him or his wife Terry you'll be sold.

As for the EFM, you have to ride a bike with one to believe what you are missing. Can't believe the OEMs are not making these things stock items.

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