Throttle stop

I removed the throttle stop screw last year and had now problems, I took off the carb to do the bk mod and now the slide seems to roll over to far and stick its a real pain if it rolls completely over, you have to take the carb clear apart, anyone know what might have changed? :)


i think that this is why it is recommended not to remove the throttle stop, but instead replace it with the YZF type or a shortened WRF equivalent. my thinking is that if the YZF has the throttle stop, it's doing something. why would yamaha spend the $2 or whatever it costs to include it? it doesn't sound like much but after you make 500K bikes, that's a million bucks pissed away.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

wrooster I agree, but lets face it they spent more than that on all of the airbox lids, pipe plugs, and how many feet of grey wire do you think is out there. :)

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