CRF = guaranteed holeshot? (pic)

CRF - $6299.00

Riding Gear - $700.00

Being so confident you're getting the holeshot that you do it with one hand while pointing to the crowd - priceless.

Works for Larry Ward anyway!


Thats an awesome picture. Wish i could do that everytime. :)

Now Brandon, you and the Photochops are just getting out of hand :) Pretty good tho....LOL

No photochops this time, actual Daytona photo from TFS at a very cool one IMHO. Now that is what I call being calm and confident on your start!

that could only be done on a crf

Holy smokes, that's just freaking awesome...

Larry must have had some kind of ballz to pull that one off :)

I think larry's showing Carmichael where to go

classic picture,must of been great being right there :)

I gotta admit, that is pretty dang cool!

Maybe that's what happened to Vuillemin in the whoops. He was probably waving to his woman... :)

Neat picture!

But who or what was he pointing at?

i think i'll try that at my race sunday... wish me luck :)

ahh loook RC sqeezed by at the corner


in atlanta he pulled a several bike legnth holeshot. it looked like he was shot out of a cannon. I saw it live, not on tv, so i don't know how well the tv showed it, but it was awesome.

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