Help! Washed bike now it will not start (WR450 - '06)

Rode all day at the track and woods yesterday. Did not even get a lot of mud on the bike but I always wash it after I ride. After washing it, I always dry it with a towel then start it and ride it for a couple of minutes to get all the water off the bike. When I went to start it yesterday, the bike and lights acted like the battery was dead. The battery is less than 6 months old and I keep it connected to a battery tender. I then tried to kick the bike and still nothing. I then let it sit for a couple of hours and tried to kick is again and nothing. I hooked the battery back up to the charger and let it charge overnight. I tried to start it this morning and the bike is still acting like the battery is dead. Light comes on when you turn on switch but push the starter and it click, click, clicks or it just dims the lights. What did I get wet? What do I need to do to get this thing started? Thanks.


I had that problem one time before and found out it was just water on the battery terminals. I took both the positive and negative cables off and made sure there was no water/rust/corrosion and re-attached real tight and it fired right up.

Check all connections and maybe put some silicone grease on them.

Wow, if you've read some of the other threads, maybe its another starter button issue (wet inside in your case). When the button goes bad, there could be a wide range of symptoms. Unplug the starter button from the harness and see if it kick starts and runs ok. If it does, try plugging the kill switch into where the starter plug goes and try the button. If it runs as normal, its the starter button. Just a idea.

I am still troubleshooting my bike from it not starting after I washed it. The plug into the start relay looks corroded and maybe even a little burnt. When push the button to start it, it just clicks like the battery is dead or dying. The battery is fully charged. I am going to check continuity on the relay today. Any other thoughts on what it might be.

Also, how or where is the plug for the starter button? Is there a way to start the bike without the starter relay? I tried kicking it when the relay was unplugged but nothing happes. It does not even sound like it is getting spark when I try to kick it without the relay plugged in.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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