09 yz450f stator question (swatdoc?)

I have been intrigued by the possibility of adapting the flywheel/stator from, say a CRF450. Although not nearly as powerful as a WR, they can be purchased in a significantly higher output form than the YZ450 stators, and might possibly be adaptable at a lower expense.

There would of course be quite a lot to consider in such a swap, and it may not be practical, but it's something I might look into.

as popular as the new YZ's are im surprised noone has stepped up and made a decent charging system for the bike. 50 watts just isnt enough.

The basic problem is simply that the stock setup is so small. The flywheel is literally smaller than your gas cap, and the stator core is only four poles. In order make it any beefier, you'd need a minimum of six poles, and that would mean a completely custom manufactured stator core. Frankly, I don't think there's even room for it. The CRF stator is not large, really, but is 8 poles, and Trail Tech offers a version of it that runs as high as 90 watts.

i understand that, someone should offer a kit similar to that of factory wr stuff. Someone should just make a wr flywheel that will fit the yz crank. Im sure they would sell, i see alot of posts for people wanting a stator for the yz.

Gray figure out a way to make the wr rotor fit the yz crank, you can do it.

Gray figure out a way to make the wr rotor fit the yz crank, you can do it.

I have thought of that, and I know how to do it, but my concern there is whether the smaller taper of the YZ crank would hold the flywheel well enough to prevent it shearing keys, etc. I'm inclined to think that the larger taper was mostly needed for the forces borne by the starter drive, but there would definitely be more shear load placed on the shaft/key by the heavier WR flywheel under conditions of a sudden stall, etc., than even a weighted OEM flywheel would produce, so it's something to consider.

the only problem is getting your hands on the wr rotor, checked ebay no luck. $200.00 at dealer and its also on backorder

If I had a YZ (or any MX bike) this is the path I'd take. Convert the light to HID (can be done for less than about $35 now days. It will draw approx 35 watts and give you 3 times the light of a 55w halogen bulb. Then forget all about WR/CRF stators, regulator/rectifiers, swapping cranks and all of that involved bs and just run a battery like this. Ask Gdbarr1976 how much he has spent on his YZ to WR conversion and the hassels involved.


It is already plumbed with a Trailtech female harness and will run the HID for approx 4.5 hours. Fit the battery in the airbox (preferably) or wherever you'd like it and connect the light using a Trailtech male harness. If you're gonna run the Baja 1000 then you'll need two batteries. Keep it simple. :thumbsup:

im putting fuel injection on the bike as well as a small fan to cool the radiators. i need more than the rectified 35watts the little stator can give me

It is already plumbed with a Trailtech female harness and will run the HID for approx 4.5 hours.

At 173Wh running at total loss that is about right.

just to update everyone, I bought the trailtech 11.1v lithium ion batts (2 just incase 1 was not enough for a decent day of riding) i am powering a baja designs tail/brake, have led turn sigs, a trailtech vapor, and a trailtech mr11 hid light. I am still waiting on my adapter cables so i can wire them up, but I have had all this wired to a regular motorcycle batt for a few days (probably about 3-4 hrs of run time) I have been talking to trailtech, this is the setup that they reccomended and should expect to get around 4 hrs per battery once they are wired up.

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