Green Sticker/Red Sticker change in California

I was just talking with a friend of mine who works for the forest service. She indicated that CA is grandfathering any bike produced up to 2002 that was issued a red sticker back to green stickers per a local forest service employee. 2003 will remain red stickers. Lets see what happens huh?


My father works for the Forest Service and has not heard this. But, He is looking into it for me. As soon as I find out I will post it.

This Green/Red Sticker crap is ridiculous!! Whoever came up with the Red Sticker Program is an idiot. It's great for riders who have a Red Sticker and will be getting a Green Sticker (if this is true), but it sucks that '03s won't get a Green Sticker. Same bike, same engine, same emissions as a '02, but they get a Red Sticker. Man this pisses me off. I must stop typing now...

the red sticker was just another victory by the tree huggers.

Let us know what your father says. She told me that in a meeting one of the higher ups started talking about this. Who know? I have an 02 but the whole red/green thing has never bothered me. I ride when and where I feel and avoid those guys anyways. As long as your are not parked in a major staging area they are easy to avoid in most places. I'm sure places like Gorman and Hollister are a different story though.

Ya know what the worst part of this crap is? Recently, a scientific study has been released that shows the worlds Pine forests cause more smog (Co2) than all the cars in the world combined.

The tree huggers are killing the world!

Fastest1 go look it up, Im not kidding here.

so we should cut down all the pine trees and build tracks!

Actually, trees eat Co2 and produce air. So don't go out and buy a chain saw.

Don't hold your breath! Once they get get their hands on legislation and such they don't let go. California is run by a bunch of commie pinko left of left liberals. I like the environment as much as the next but they want to make a museum out of it. :)

P.S. My hope that DMV's computers would screw up when they issued my sticker were wrong! Mine arrived in the mail yesterday and it was RED! :)

Martin, should have bought a Canadian one like I did :)

california's govt, in many ways, is a joke. i love the idea of direct democracy (initiatives, referendums, recall, etc) but there are some areas where we have no vote/say. the real bad guys are the beaurocrats who sit in their ridiculously plush offices and conduct "research" (they conduct, review, publish-no need for unbiased, outside review) on air quality in california (i.e. the Air Quality Management District). and since these guys can enact laws w/o the items being voted on, the ppl have little say in the matter. also, these beaurocrats are not voted in, so they have little to no incentive to listen to the CA ppl. it's ludicrous. they want to ban outdoor barbecues and small gas engine lawnmowers! i'll stop with the politics now, but this is over the top, and only the tip of the iceburg. i'm for clean air as much as anyone, but planning the demise of the all american bbq is an outrage. go to the website and look around. read their disclaimer at the bottom left of main page too.

I am sooo sick and tired of Californias politics and the extreme liberal nazi enviormentalists with personel agendas!Its almost enough to make a guy join an anti-goverment coup or something. Frick, all these restricitons to our freedoms in this state must stop soon.

I have been all for having the State of California divided in half. if you look at the demographics, all the liberals are based up north and some of our major so. cal cities. I say let's split the state into 2 move all the bleeding heart liberals up north and have all of us down here. There is an online petition to recall Gay Davis. Do a search (I think it's been posted here at least once)and sign it.

I'm with you guys lets overthrow our state gov. and join mexico. I think they execute environMENTALists :)

I'm not sure I like the mexico idea! But it would be nice to go down and ride for a few days.

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