Geomax 51 Anybody Use Them?

I'm thinking about placing an order for some tires, immediate need is for my VStrom, but trying to leverage free shipping and coupon offers, I'm thinking of ordering up a set of new knobs for my '05 WR450. Most riding is casual motocross track, trail riding in UP (sandy with some rocks), so I was thinking that an Intermediate-type tire would be best. Dunlop is showing these new Geomax51 that look promising?

Anybody using these?

TIA, Mark

I am not, but I am thinking about them. Dirt Bike reviewed them in their most recent issue and gave them a very good review.

I am also interested in that MAAXIS SI Radial tire that tire looks good as well.

if you end up with one let us know how it is.

I am guessing both tires are pretty expensive.

If they took over for the 756 I will be running the other way for our desert and dry conditions out here in CA.

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