Radiator Leak

I slid down in the mud in a corner and landed on my right side radiator. It twisted the radiator a little and pushed it up against the frame a little. I have a small leak now. 1 - 2 drops a day sitting without being run. It looks like the leak is probably at the tube and bottom in the corner. Has any one had one of these repaired and lasted, or do I need to buy a new one. Any Help would be appreciated. Then what is the best guards? Front, Back, Brand? Thank You.


take your radiator off RIGHT NOW and send it to Mylers -->


they do great work and saved me from buying a new rad when i poked a hole in mine. the reason i say "RIGHT NOW" because once Enduro/GNCC/BITD/Harescramble season starts they can get real busy and the turnaround time goes up. if you send them a pic and/or a description of what the problem is they can probably email you an estimate.

otherwise i would suggest finding a local radiator repair shop and have them take a look at sealing the leak. if you are near a major truck stop with a tractor trailer repair facility that could be a good find as well. and finally, if all of the above fails, find a local HVAC contractor (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) and see if he can fix you up. they have to patch up air conditioning condensers all of the time.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

I just got my radiator back from MYLERS it took about a week, pretty impressive considering it has to take 2 days each way to be delivered. It looks great, Haven't got to throw it on the bike yet. It cost $83.69, alot better than 300 for a new one!!

I sent both my radiators out to Mylers a couple months ago (both were twisted and one was also leaking).He straightened them out fixed both leaks in the one radiator and welded on a new billet fill neck for $191.00.The work was excellent and I haven't had a problem yet.If I remember right, he charges $35 to straighten a radiator, $15 dollars for the first weld...$5 for each additional weld, $75 for a billet filler neck if yours is leaking.

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