2004 Suzuki 450, It's coming........

I just thought I'de let you guys know that Suzuki will be releasing their new 4xx motocross bike in August of 2003. The bike is coming from Suzuki and not from the joint effort with Kawasaki. The bike is all new and should give Honda and Yamaha a run for their money (in Motocross).... I heard this from a very reliable source from Suzuki (my brothers best friends sister who babysits for the guy that has an uncle that works at Suzuki....) All joking aside, it's all true...Mark my words "no new taxes".... I mean "this bike's for real"....... I can't wait....

Your friend from the Blue mullet side..

Dan :)

Ooo. It'll be interesting to watch :)

ive got money waiting.nobody is accepting down payment yet. :)

no matter what the DRZ stays put though! :D

I'll wait for the 3rd year production where suzuki puts betters forks and a better shock on it :) haha

seriously I can't wait :D

I'm just hoping that the wheels that I just bought to race supermoto with for my DRZ will bolt up to the new 450. I have herd from 2 Suzuki dealers that I know that it is for real. The 250 announcement was with another buddy of mine that owns a Kawasaki dealer that I was hanging out at today. They are calling the 250 the first real shared production machine between the big "S" and the big "K". But the big bore has not been announced at Kawasaki yet. Suzuki is much closer to production on a big bore.

I can't wait..

Hey Knopey,Yeah I heard you like to watch,HEHEHEHE!!!!! :):D


LOL!!! Ah, but who watches the watcher? :)

This is very exciting stuff. More competition means better bikes all around. :)

Lets hope they give it 5 speed at least :):D

Wonder what color it will be...green + yellow...brown?

That will be cool. Cant wait to ride one..

do u know if the bike will come street legal like the DRZ400?

Hope they hurry! Shoulder and ribs are much better and hip feels better every day.2004 GNCC circuit look out! :)

It's a motocrosser

So is the CRF450 but you can still put a plate on it. Suzuki has been pretty

good about DS'ing most of their stuff, if they are smart they will slap a kit on it

to save the DMV hassle. I think more people might have considered the CRF450

as a DS bike if this was the case.

Well, mine will be paid off in November, but I don't have room in my outhouse for another bike. Maybe it's time to build a bigger outhouse. . .

Has anyone seen anything really concrete on the bike, like spy photos or legitimate pre-release info???

Check this out Burned and let me know if it's true. It looks like I'd better get serious about losing the tonnage. I'd love to have a true go fast bike from Suzuki. I just hope it don't have a 39" seat heighth like Yamaha does. I'm tall but I've got short legs and real tall upperbody. I sure hope they really are going to build this. I'd better start kissing tail with the wife I want one bad. prairiedawg

Yup..a 450 is more fun!!! :D:)

It's a motocrosser

Yep, this is what I heard too.... I'm sure they'll eventually have the DRZ450, the question is when...

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