check your throtle cables

I was just doing some maintenance on my 99wr,checking valve clearances,changing oil, ect. and decided to look under the cover on the carb and found the bottom cable was hanging by a single thread. If I had not found this I might have been stuck some where not to pleasant. I also noticed some brown sludge on the carb slide coming from above anybody found this ? any info helps

thanks marty

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The frayed throttle cable is common. I suspect two causes. Either the cable is rubbing on the end of the housing, or the edge of the pulley.

Mine did the same thing. The push cable broke at the carb after about 2 years worth of riding. I pulled the cover off the throttle linkage carb to keep an eye on the cable condition.


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I have only had this problem on the upper (push) cable. In my case the cable was rubbing on its housing and fraying.

I was able to tweak the tab that holds the cable tube/adjuster a little to make the cable line up with the pulley better. This visibly reduced the cable to tube angle. I also install it with the top adjuster backed out pretty far and take up the slack with the bottom adjuster, this further reduces the top cable to housing angle.

I did not see anyplace where the bottom cable could be rubbing, but I’d suggest you check the alignment of both cables when you install the replacement and set the adjusters (or tweak the bracket) to compensate for any alignment problems that cause the cable to rub the housing or pulley.

I replaced my frayed, original cable when the bike was only a few months old, that was a year ago and I think I’ve eliminated the problem because my cable still looks good.

I`ve had mine break while I was riding.... I was still able to ride however, but I had about a 2 inch freeplay instead of 1/16th... pretty annoying let me tell you... it could have been easily fixed right then and there....if I would have known it was that easy.

The cables meet on a small wheel which has holes in it for the cable ends... so what I did was I completely removed the push cable (from the handlebar to the carb leaving the sheath of course) and gave the pull cable all the slack I coule give it with the adjustments. From there I put the pull cable where the push cable goes on the wheel by the carb and re-adjusted it as if the push cable was never gone... the trottle feel is somewhat harder but it`s a great alternative to having a 2" freeplay for a day or waiting for your new cable if the dealer doesn`t have one handy...

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I remember reading in one of this months magazines that Ty Davis has a pulley wheel for sale that alleviates the cable fraying problem. It was either Dirt Bike or Dirt Rider, one page article, something like "Ty Davis Secrets"...

I too had the fraying problem on my top cable...and the bike only had 20 hrs on it! So I replaced it w/motion pro T2 terminator cables (the grey ones) and I have put about 100 hrs on my bike and they look brand new and the throttle pull is suprisingly smoother! They were only like $28 and look really cool since they are grey!



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I also just found this exact problem on my 99 WR400. Has anyone found a fix for it yet. I had to replace both cables.(they come as a set)

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