XR200 project

I just bought a 93 XR200 with a blown top end and need advice. The piston seized and the rod pulled the bottom of the piston off and broke a hunk of the barrel below the case. The crank seems good except for the rod, I will need a new cyclinder,rod,piston and valves. I will need to split the cases to get to the crank. Any good manuals out their for this? Where is the best place to get parts? I was thinking of Powroll's crank,cam,and piston kit to make it a 218cc. Any advice would be helpful.

That is a lot of money to sink into something that may only be worth about $1000 when repaired. I would try to find a used engine for about $300-400 on ebay, unless you are looking for some performance gains. You would have about $1000 into parts and labor (unless you do it yourself but you would need to pay someone to do the crank at least I would assume) alone rebuilding that engine.

If the tranny and electrics are fine, I would rebuild it. The valves are cheap, use Vesrah. I would get a 67mm 12.5:1 Wiesco piston and a cam (Webcam). The pistons are pretty cheap too. At a machine shop by my house, they can do a rod kit for under $100. The whole thing should cost less than $350 if you do it yourself including gaskets. Your bike will rip when you are finished with it. Even if you get a used motor from ebay the first thing I would do is new valves, cam, and piston anyways. The only expensive problem you have would be the cylinder. You can have relined for about $130 or so which will make it good as new or you could buy new or you could buy a used cylinder of ebay or the best idea is to buy a used '83-'85 200x cylinder off Ebay. I see them all the time for super cheap. If your not a good mechanic however, I would just get a whole used motor off ebay and call it a day.

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