02 Yamaha YZ426F Clutch Replacement

My clutch on my yz426 starts to engage when it is almost all the way out so I am just going to replace everything. I would like to know how hard the clutch is to replace, is it as simple as draining the transmission fluid and removing the clutch cover? Or do I have to take the entire engine out? Please provide the best way to do it? Thanks

you can do it with the engine in the frame. You'll need a clutch holder tool. I got one at a local shop for $26. They can be found cheaper.

Are you sure it's the clutch and not the cable?

ya the cable is maxed out. does it take a while?

Could your cable be stretched?

no the cable is not stretched. I am going to replace the clutch eventually anyways, all I want to know is can it be done without to much hassel. I have never replaced a clutch before in a dirt bike so that is why I am asking. In short summary what are the basic steps? Thanks

and I just realized I posted this under WR not YZ. Oops

1 - drain the oil

2 - remove the clutch cover (engine side cover)

3 - remove the large center bolt (I can't remember if this is required or not)

4 - remove the bolts (I think there are 6) on the clutch boss (center piece)

5 - remove the clutch plates

There is a slightly conical ring at the bottom of the clutch stack. Note how it is installed and reinstall it facing the same direction.

With the back wheel on the ground and the bike in gear you can probably remove all the clutch bolts with no special tools, but if you can't you'll need that clutch tool I was talking about earlier.

Overall, clutch plate replacement is an easy job and a good one to know.

thanks man. another question, is the clutch supposed to be really stiff, on my old 250 it was stiff but not nearly as stiff as the lever on my 426. My fingers get tired after like 5 minutes, is this normal? If not is there a way to loosen it up besides spraying the joints with WD-40? Or will a new clutch fix it?

My Yamaha's have heavier clutch pull than any of my Honda's, but it's completely manageable. If your clutch is making you tired after 5 minutes there's probably something wrong. The most likely culprit by far is your clutch cable.

Hey guys, I'm new here and new to changing clutches. I've got an 02 and a Barnett clutch kit on the way and thought you guys might help me prepare? I just use my normal motor oil right? This bike doesn't have transmiision fluid does it? And I've heard that I have to soak the clutch plates in the oil for 24 hours before installing, is that true? Any particular way to do it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First off, you accidentally ressurected a 3 year old, dead thread. As far as doing a clutch replacement, it's easy. I recommend soaking the clutch plates for at least a few hours, overnight is best. I just throw them all in a large zip-loc baggie and pour in some motor oil. And no, Yamaha's don't have a seperate transmission oil. Just regular motor oil made for wet clutch's is fine.


Sorry, I just searched it and didn't pay attention to the date, thanks for the help though, got them soaking now!

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