The New YZ is home

I picked up the YZ today,..cant wait until the weekend to ride!

Me too! Finally

Congrats !

Couple things to check B4 riding.

Tire pressure

Make sure your rebound and Comp clickers are the same number of clicks on both forks

dump ths stock plug and put in an iridium plug

Check your spoke tension after the first ride.

don't use synthetic oil for the first 200 mi.



Your gonna like her. Also is it that big of deal with the synthetic oil thing?????

03yz250f,answer pro-tapers, tag triple clamps,works connection,pro moto sparky

Isn't it an awesome feeling, i'm hoping to break in my 250F soon also! It's supposed to be 60 this weekend here in Ohio, will still probably be to muddy though!:D My brother just bought an '03 CRF450 and didn't even tell me he was buying one! :) Guess now i get to break-in 2 brand 03's this year!!!!! :D :D :D

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