BRP Triple Clamps?

Are BRP Triple Clamps and such any good?


I'm looking at them too because of the mounting options they have. Tall bar clamps and two mounting location. Sounds like it should work for me. :)

They look like good stuff to me. I have a top BRP clamp for a CRF450 and just the bar risers and bar clamp are $85.00- expensive stuff. For the DRZ, I have an Applied top clamp that relocates the bars 16mm forward and 12mm up. Makes a huge difference and well worth the $165 it cost. The cheapest alternative to relocate bars up and forward are Thumper Racing bar risers, which cost about 90.

I recently received my new triple clamp and ProTaper bars from BRP. I'm 6'-2" and had tried Renthal Button bars but the position still wasn't right, especially while standing. So now I have a BRP triple clamp that moved the bar position forward AND up, and I'm using ProTaper Pastrana FMX bars. Another complicating factor was mounting the Scott's stabilizer. As the bars move forward the stabilizer needs to remain in its position, so the top handle bar clamp must be machined accordingly. As I found out, not all TC manufacturers are set up to accomodate moving bar position up, forward, AND mounting the Scotts stabilizer. I rode the bike for the first time this weeeknd with the new setup and I think I have finally found the right combination, especially standing. The cost was more than I wanted to spend but now my position is right. Quality=Top Notch

Side Note: Cameron at BRP was very helpful in getting info and helping to go through the decision making process. I am very impressed and stasified with BRP's quality and service.

They are really good.

That stuff will cost you close to the same $$ no matter were you go so you might aswell get the best.

Well I got a guy offering me a set for 125 Shipped COD. He says its everything needed for a steering damper minus the SD. Its got the bolt on brace. Could I run it w/o the damper?


Does that include bars?

???Do you not want to run a stabilizer??

If not just get the triple clamp kit .

If you try to get a stabilizer later you'll end up spending more than a package deal.

I would highly reccommend a stabilizer on any dirtbike.


Well 125 Shipped is everything, big bar clamps, bolt-on tower for stabalizer, triple clamps. All BRP. No bars, I have protapers anyhow. It looks like that it would cost 629.00 with stabalizer and bars from their site. So minus the stabalizer and bars is it worth it to get that set for 125Shipped?


Are you asking if it is worth buying a set of used triple clamps for $125 when new triple clamps without bars would be about $75 ????

If so I would have to say no.

Why pay more??

I think you should call and make sure.

I bought something from a TT member but I got it for half the price of new .

Exactly what is your question??

If you're paying 125 for new stuff, please let us know where you're ordering from bcz. that's quite cheap.

Supposedly its like new with box and all.

Its the triple clamps, bar mounts for Fat Pro Tapers, with the bolt on stabalizer mount that costs about 75.XX?

slickhead is the seller on here if you want to know. He says all it needs is the stabalizer.

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