What tool to change spark plug?

What tool is everyone using to change the spark plug? Are you using the factory provided tool? I used it tonight, but it just feels cheesy.


The factory tool and a 14 mm wrench. I modified it by grinding the pin where it swivels just enough that it doesn't stick out on the sides. This way it doesn't drag and it wont make aluminum filings that can fall into the cylinder. It works great.

and grind the shoulders where they're sharp (like he said above. It's easier if you remove the tank.

Makes me miss my 2smoke, changing a plug is a half-hour deal!

Just use an automotive spark plug socket and a universal joint. No removal of tank required. Spray WD40 on the rubber gromet in the socket and push hard so it slips over the ceramic part of the plug to lift it out.

I can change a plug in 4 minutes, and thats going super fast, I got my dad to time me. Just to see if it could be done on the line if I fouled a plug. I think its almost impossible to change a thumper plug on the line with out heavy plug changing mods. LOL

Yep, you're right. The tool they give you is way cheesy, but it does work. I think the afore mentioned mods to it would be a good idea too. Luckily, 4 strokes don't generally get too hungry for spark plugs, so that's a plus.

And on the WR's (at least the 03 WR's,) you really do have to remove the gas tank. There is a part of the tank that is right in the way. But that's really only 5 minutes work to do, so it's not too bad.

Once the tank is out of the way, you may be able to use one of the ones with a swivel built in, like you can get at the auto parts store. But for me, the stock one does indeed work.

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