CA? legal fuel jugs???

I'm a new rider...

I was going to pick up a nice big plastic jug - just like I see lots of other people carrying in the trucks/trailers along with their off-road toys... but when I went to buy, there were signs all over them saying they were not approved for carrying fuel (it may have even said California, but I'm not sure now).

So... is there an approved plastic jug for carrying fuel OR is everyone just breaking the rules???


If you are referring to the 5 gallon gas jugs with the side handle and long plastic spout, then don't worry about a thing. They may be technically illegal, but I've never heard of anyone getting hassled for using them to carry gas.


What he said!

That's what I needed to know! THANKS!!!

For legality a gas can must be steel and self venting and must also have the warning and combustable lable too.

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