forks mayb bent or bars cant tell!!!

well this has been porb for a while just haven't looked it up... like the bars dont look bent but they are angled to the right like towards me... not a lot but not sure like if i wanna go straight i have to turn left a li.... not sure wat it is if my forks are bent or my bars... im pretty sure its not bars becuz i have renthal twin walls and id have to do something super ballsy to bend em.... but ya give me ur suggestions..... or ne thing else in front end that might be causing this IE triple clamps, risers blah blah blah....

Yea sounds like your front wheel is off just a tad...easy fix, just loosen up tripple clamps and move forks/tire back to correct position and presto!:crazy:

really.... aight ill try it once i get my tools.... thx ill reply back if it works

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