Advice on Mud Riding.

It looks like were getting a big storm this week end and I want to ride in a Hare Scrambles. Now I mostly ride in the desert and don't ride in the mud very much.

What is the best way to keep that heavy mud from sticking to the bike. Someone said spray PAM on it and under the fenders. Do any of you eastern riders have any tricks that I should know about? How about sticking foam blocks between the skid plate and engine.

The last time I rode in the mud my bike weighed 50 lbs heavier because of the amount of mud I was carring. Theres got to be a better way. :)

Yeah I just smuther mine in INOX or CRC but some will still stick not much you can do but that as far as I know


Ps try covering it in rain-X, that way it won't get wet to start with LOL :) :Dsorry

My buds have been using spray silicone on the underside and WD 40 on everything else. Works good for a few laps.

I've heard of PAM, WD40 etc. A few of my friends use that spray tire foam. Looks nice but I have yet to try it.

I plan on foaming up my skid plate this year on a frew trail rides and see how it goes.

I live in mud territory. Believe there is not much you can do to keep mud from sticking. The best thing you can do is fill cavities with foam(like a sponge).

Riding tips:

1) keep your speed UP so the tires self-clean themselves.

2) don't make sudden moves...... turning, weight changes, acceleration, deceleration. Keep on the gas slightly when braking.

3) run tire pressures lower. If it's very muddy.... 10 psi max.

4) keep your weight back, OFF the front tire(forget the idea of weighting the front end to "get traction"'ll just make the front end push.

5) INCREASE preload on the springs to compensate for the increase weight of mud (up to 40 lbs of mud !!).

have fun!!

Probably the same as the in the snow, just don't pack your radiators with mud when you over heat! I've heard you ride it fast like in sand, and don't focus so much on the muddy ruts, as it will cause you to look down instead of ahead, and slow your pace to the point of falling or getting stuck. That was my big mistake in hind site from the other weekend. Momentum is your friend. :)

Mud can't truly be appreciated unless you're laying in it face down, or crawling through it on your belly. Sometimes it's fun just to sit and wonder how the hell it got packed so deep into your ears. . .

I hate mud it really slows you down. I try to stay to one side in the really bad mud holes.If you get stuck you can lean the bike over and pull it out .

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