Yellow plastics

Does anyone make yellow plastics for late model yamahas. I thought I saw a picture of one with old school style graphics and it looked sweet.

One Industries should have what you need ------- if you dont like their stuff -- UFO and Acerbis make plastic--- and custom graphics are all over the place.

The '06-up bikes are the easiest because of the full shrouds, but if you have an earlier bike, Clarke makes gas tanks in many colors

UFO has them in blue, white, black, and yellow.

Nice avatar, BTW

Semper Fi

The bike I want to mod is a 98 I will look into the places you all suggested thanks. Semper Fi grayracer

1998? That may not be available, but know that 426 plastics do fit, so if that's all you find listed, go for it.

I'm sure that most people thought that when you said late model, you meant '06 and up.

Yeah I guess I should have specified. I heard that the plastics up to 03 will fit the 98 is this true? I really like the look of the yellow plastics with the old school sytle graphics (yellow and black)

I heard that the plastics up to 03 will fit the 98 is this true?
Yes, up to '03 they were 426's and those fit. The '03-'05 can be made to ($)

Well I havent been able to find any for the 98-03 bikes unless someone can point me to them . I went to Acerbis and UFO's sites and all they list is white and blue

Get on One industries web site ( They have what they call the Hurricane kit. It isn't quite as pretty as the '06 YZ450F special edition but it is pretty close. They should have it for your bike because I have seen it on some older two strokes. The only plastic they won't have will be for your tank. It is just a big yellow sticker withe Hurricane graphic looks kind of funny on the blue tank but overall looks pretty good.

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