head and cam torque please?

Could someone tell me the torques for the cam caps and the cyl head bolts please?

I bought my bike used and didnt get a book w/it. Didnt think to call the dealer in time today.


the link to the online '03 YZ250F and '03 WR250F PDF manuals is here.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

cam caps and cylinder head cover: 7.2 ft/lbs.

I just did the mod and had the info handy. You will love how this works when you're done.

Use a good inch-pounds torque wrench. it's 86 inch pounds. I used a foot pounds one the first time and wiped out a head. It was way too tight on the caps. They are not accurate at that light of a setting.

Thanks guys! I appreciate your responses. Wrooster-- thanks for the manual link. I downloaded it and will make frequent use of it!

Have a fun weekend everyone!

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