Quick Rad question, Need answer a.s.a.p.!!!

Getting ready to ride in 6 hours and as I was loading up the WR the left side radiator began to smoke a bit near the top area. I'm sure there is a leak (smelled like anti freeze) but there was no fluid on the floor or on the radiator. It had been sitting for 2 months and the fluid level was the same as I left it. I never saw any fluid on the radiator (hot or cold) and no dripping???? SO, you think it's safe to ride it today? I'm bring extra water I could use to fill it but I want to get some opinions. Oh, and I really don't want to take my CRF :)


How was the bike stored? Any chance it was frost just burning off? Or possibly a little ice from the last time you cleaned it? Maybe something was spilled on it that you don't know about. I know my suggestions may sound silly and I don't want to sound insulting (just trying to offer food for thought), but it would be weird for it not to be leaking when you put it away and now it leaks. I wouldn't worry about it too much, but keep and eye on it.

Also 696, check your PM's

It was stored in a garage (warm) and I thought it was mud or something but I ran it for 5-10 min and it smoked the entire time. It also had the "antifreeze smell". I know it strange, I park it and it's fine and now....


Oh, and I really don't want to take my CRF

What's wrong with you? Bump your head? Let's see CRF..WR...CRF...WR...CRF :)

:):D :D


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