US Postal Question ??????

so what is the limt that can be sent as a gift guys , I know some one was looking into it ?????

I need to get the SM wheels shiped to me as I can't make it down soon enough to pick them up :)

I did a favor like this for a guy on my car list a while back and I though it was $70...?

However your rims are worth more and you should declare a higher value for insurance,

if you say they are worth $70 and they get nipped your screwed, dont know a way around it...?

I told this to they guy I sent 2 car rims to but he had his own UPS Acct. number and told me to

value them at the gift min. it was $70 I think. Dont go by my words alone as its been a while.

Try or they should have all the info or a 1-800 number.

I don't think that you have to state it's a gift. Just act like it's stuff fromm one family relitive to another. (ex. I had my brother or father send me up my extra set of wheels for my bike.) Just insure them. I'd use U.S. mail. Why not try the "helping hands network" and do the relay thing instead of having the wheel builder send them.

it is a private sale and I would never use UPS :)

You can always have them shipped to me and then we can meet in Bellingham.

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