RevLoc Left Hand Operated Rear Brake Kit

For those of you using an automatic clutch and the RevLoc cable operated rear hand brake, you are of course aware of the interference between the brake cable and the exhaust pipe since the cable attaches to an extension from the back of the rear brake pedal which is located directly underneath the exhaust pipe. RevLoc suggests running the cable on the outside of the exhaust. What I originally had done was to install a commercial shield (guard) at the pipe/muffler junction, which kept the cable from touching the exhaust pipe. I even recessed the cable underneath the surface of the shield and wrapped the cable with electrical tape. This setup worked fine, but left the cable very vulnerable and subject to constant rubbing from my boot. An idea I picked up on the TT CRF450 site was the possibility of running the brake cable inside the exhaust pipe and subframe which would provide a much cleaner installation. The main problem of doing this was finding a way to insulate the cable from the exhaust pipe. I first tried wrapping the cable with 4-5 layers of HVAC type metal tape and found that the cable still got too hot, i.e. hot enough to melt the cable. I then picked up some exhaust insulating wrap from an auto speed shop and wrapped three layers around the exhaust pipe and used two 2" hose clamps to hold in place. I also wrapped the cable with electrical tape where it contacts the shock spring. This procedure seems to be doing a good job of insulating the brake cable from the exhaust pipe. I hope that it holds up. This exhaust wrap is a nonadhesive 2" tape about 1/16" thick. Street rodders use it primarily to wrap exhaust headers. Another improvement: The extension from the the back of the brake pedal has two holes in it for cable attachment. While RevLoc recommends using the inner hole, I found that attaching the cable to the outer hole works much better. The increased leverage provides for stronger braking, and is also more sensitive and easier to modulate.

I dumped my rear brake peddle all together and switched to a Magura left-handed brake lever. I hear people saying they tried this and it's never worked for them, but mine worked perfect on the first try.

It's weird not having a foot peddle, but once I got used to it I feel I've got much more control.

By the way, the Revloc rocks...

~ Ken

Is your Magura L H rear Brake hyddraulic with its own master cylinder? Or is it cable operated back to the stock Master Cylinder? Where did you buy this setup?

Victor V -

It's a 100% hydraulic setup. I got the lever from Magura directly at and had my hoses built by Earl's Supply in Lawndale California. The whole setup cost about $150... works perfect. It modulates well and is powerful enough that I only require 1 finger to completely lock-up the rear wheel.

~ Ken

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