Wiseco crank vs OEM in YZ450

Redoing the bottom-end on my '05 YZ450 and concidering the Wiseco crank kit instead of going back to OEM. They're forged instead of cast and supposedly lighter and of tighter tolerances. Kit comes with crank bearings too, hopefully not made in China. Anyone have any experience with this kit? Thanks

Hey, I am getting mine replaced on my YZ450F 2003 and was told that you can't go passed OEM. Even my mechanic said so. He doesn't go near after markets.

Yeah I've heard that too but my bike's already the posterchild for aftermarket so what's one more addition. :crazy:

"Forged" doesn't mean they're better unless they actually are, and they are made in China. Be sure the one you buy isn't subject to the recent recall:


I won't use Chinese engine components unless there's no other approach to take. I might use a Hot Rods crank, but I would much rather just go with Yamaha.

Thanks to all and I even just spoke with Wisco people and they admit some parts of the kit are made in China, nothing real important though...just the connecting rod. :crazy:

Not in my bike they won't. :eek:

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