2000 YZ426 Clutch parts question

Hey guys, just getting ready to order the parts from TT store to do the 01 mod on my 2000 since the clutch has become extremely grabby on start and shifting from neutral and have a couple questions.

Since the fingers on my basket are quite grooved, can I just replace the entire hub assembly off an 01-02 or is it different from an 00?

Also, after the mod, I'd be using an o1-02 rebuild kit (for an aftermarket, friction, steel, springs, etc) as opposed to 00, correct?

Thanks guys.

The "baskets" have different part numbers due to differences in the cushion units at the center of the driven gear assembly, but should be interchangeable. Using a later one will also allow you to use an aftermarket basket if you ever decided to do that; baskets for the 2000 are hard top find.

The boss (center hub) is interchangeable as well.

If you are rebuilding the entire clutch then yes, just use the '01-'02 parts as if the bike was one.

Awesome, thanks for the info Gray!

Had a look at my clutch today, hub and boss look to be in pretty good shape, actually way too good a shape for how horrid the clutch feels!

So I think I'll just do the 01+ plates (etc) for now... and if its still grabby, I'll do the 01+ boss and hub.

hub and boss look to be in pretty good shape,
The hub and the boss are two names for the same part. The basket (which I thought you said was grooved badly) is riveted to the primary driven gear assembly.

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