Forks change after about 10 - 15 mins of riding

Wonder if any of you can help, after having my suspension revalved and setup they change the way they work after about 10 - 15 mins on the track they go from working 100% to skipping on corners and not handling bumps very well any idea's


Assuming nothing is wrong with the new setup, it sounds like you rebound is too strong, meaning that as your suspension hits a series of bumps you fork is not able to rebound quickly enough, so you are progressively loosing travel until the fork has a pause to recover. This would also help explain a lot of stutter over mutipule bumps.

Turn in your rebound screw (usually at the top of your forks) all the way in and count the number of clicks (or rotations if there are no clicks) until you come to a full stop (don't twist too hard), remember (or write down) the number of clicks as this is your standard setting and if you mess things up you can always go back to that setting.

Then back off the screw, again counting the clicks (or rotations) but go past you previous setting and add 2 to 4 more clicks (if it was 12 out from full in try 14 or 16 out from full in), then go try out the suspension. Its best to uses the same trail loop or on the track so you can feel the changes in your suspension over the same terain.

Good luck,

William Ow

Santa Cruz, Ca

Are you bleeding the air from the forks after every ride? 1-2 psi air buildup makes a difference you can feel.

If the fork is able to recover, then fail again, it most likely is an issue of cavitation.

Another possibility is heat since this can cause higher viscosity oils to thin.

In either case, do you not want to take this up with the company that did the work?


I called the company and the guy said that nothing in the forks could course this and they dont get that hot so heat would not be a prob. The guy that did the work is the best suspension guy in the UK right now and i feel that maybe its just me. I raced at the weekend at a sandy track and had not probs so i'm not to sure now, this weekend i will be at a hard packed track so i will see what come about. Thanx for your help guys I will let you know how it goes after the weekend...


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