TTR125L Electric start question...

I have a 2001 TTR125L and notice that the new 2003 models have electric start. You can see the empty space where the starter goes in front of the engine on my 2001 so I was wondering if you could get the parts and install it yourself?

I guess you would need a rewound stator, new regulator and the starter and wiring of course, but what else? And do you think it would be much cheaper to just sell hers and buy a 2003.

It would absolutely be cheaper to sell the 01 and buy the new bike, plus the new bike is better with the adjustable suspension. By the time you add up the starter motor ($300), a gel cell battery ($40), rewind the stator ($100), voltage regulator ($40) and other misc. stuff, you're going to have $500-600 in it. Not to mention drilling the case in the EXACT place so the starter gear will mesh correctly.

I would sell the 01 ASAP and score an 03, Yamaha has a screamer deal on financing right now that goes through January 2005 ($39/month, 3.9% APR), so the extra money you would need to throw in to get the 03 would be "cheap" money.

I'm looking to add a 125LE (electric start) to the list at the bottom also (3 kids who ride), so I've been researching the used vs. new quite a bit.


It does make sense. Plus you never know what little changes were made in the casings for the 2003 and if the starter would match up well. It does sound like a nightmare waiting to happen. I'll have to take off the $600 worth of BBR mods on the '01 take it bake to stock and sell it then wrench everything back on the '03 but it will be worth it.

Thanks for 'nudging' me the right way. :)

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