OT: What not to do to your truck

Hate to tell you uninformed individuals but ALL General Motors vehicles have only ONE drive belt on the engine.. He says He "cut the a/c belt and drove 200 miles home" If that was the case he over heated the engine so bad it will be burning more oil than 70s vintage 2 smoker.or had the pressed in valve seats fall out from the heat and destroy the engine..... Sounded like horse pukey to me but I only work at a GM dealership so maybe I'm all wet.


jim, you caught someone telling a little white lie.i know one thing for sure i didnt drive my truck home.it would of been tuff on 3 wheels,i rip cv axle,spindle and and everthing else attached to my right front wheel.

I feel sorry for the parents of the 16 year old kid that will end up with that thing in 5 years.

Especially after begging for a "4-wheel drive to hual my dirt bike"! C-mon! I got an "A" in P.E.!!!!

"Me look at! Drunk at sand dunes driving I am!"

Actually, there is a seperate belt for the AC that is behind the serpentine belt. I still don't believe he drove that thing home though.

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